Luxurious Pool Landscape

A beautiful and refined early 20th century home designed by celebrated architect, Charles Lewis Bowman, called for a sensitive approach to the landscape. Our clients wanted their new swimming pool and garden to be a perfect match to the magnificent and exquisitely renovated home.

The pool is set a few steps down from the main rear terrace. This allowed us to create a subtle break in the landscape that adds interest and separation. The saltwater pool has a state-of-the-art automation, water control and cover system for maximum safety and economy. The pool sitting area is surrounded by a low stone wall that creates the all-important ‘sheltered corner’. We also made sure that the required pool fence was well hidden behind vegetation except for the entry gates which were custom designed. The surrounding gardens include evergreen trees for screening, ornamental trees and flowering plants that brighten the view.

(click on photos to see full scale)