A Contemporary & Artful Landscape

Sited in a rocky woodland, the contemporary landscape design matches the house with an emphasis on outdoor sculpture and deer resistant plantings. The artful setting relies on visual rhythm, textural contrasts and attention to detail to create a harmonious yet modern atmosphere.

A north facing foyer window looks out onto a viewing garden of rough granite stone ‘steles’ and soft grasses. This strong visual statement is located out from the house to catch the sun’s natural spotlight. At night, in-ground light fixtures uplight the garden.

We designed the terrace as an extension of the house.  Several long steps lead out from the house, inviting people outdoors.  The bluestone paving is in a distinctive ‘planking’ pattern to reinforce the modern look. A plant bed border of tawny pink granite creates a clean line in front of evergreen boxwood.  We also devised and installed a bright red sculpture to inject a curvy, intense ‘punch’ next to the white structure.

The focal point from the terrace is a bench / sculpture. We set it among hemlocks, inkberry hollies and painted sword ferns and spotlight it at night for a bold effect.

Our ornamental grass garden makes a dramatic statement in the summer and fall. The feathery plumes differ in height, color and texture.  A modern bird bath is a perfect complement to the softness of the grasses.

The rocky dry stream that we designed and installed is both a seasonal waterway and an artful accent.

(click on photos to see full scale)