Arts & Crafts Landscape Haven

The owners of this appealing arts and crafts house had thoughts of transforming their sloping backyard into a garden haven but wanted something that fit with the overall look of their home.  Therefore, we designed and built the inviting rear terrace using the same materials as are found in the building and, at the same time, maximized the outdoor space to accommodate a viewing garden.

The finished product is a blend of utility and art – sweeping, curved stone steps lead out to a widened driveway. The patio is an intimate space, perfect for entertaining friends.  A wide flower bed, filled with boxwood, hydrangea and a blend of perennial and annual flowers, creates a cheery atmosphere.  The upper garden includes roses, catmint, Spirea and a glorious Cherry Tree. And subtle but innovative outdoor lighting adds sparkle at night.

(click on photos to see full scale)