Landscape & Pool Design Services

How do we get started?

We first start with a phone conversation to get acquainted and decide whether our services may be a good fit with your design needs. If so, we schedule an initial no cost meeting at your home or property to get a better understanding of your desire and needs and your property. Based on our meeting, we prepare a written design proposal for your review.

What is the cost for design services?

Design costs can vary widely and partly hinge on how extensive the design scope is, the level of detailing required, as well as the level of coordination required for the project under consideration. Design services are typically provided on an hourly-bases and fees can range from a few thousand dollars and higher.

What happens once the design is complete?

Once the design is complete, we are then ready to solicit bids for the project under consideration, and once the contractor(s) is selected and work permits (if required) are issued, work is scheduled to commence. You of course are free to pursue this effort on your own, or you can enroll us to do this for you. We are available to play as minimal or extensive a role in the installation of your project as you desire.

What does your design service include and how extensive is it?

We are capable of addressing most everything in the outdoor landscape arena, which includes but is not limited to the following: landscape site development, saltwater swimming pools & spas, pool landscaping, retaining walls, main entrances, gated entrances, terraces & patios, driveways, plant beds, new trees & shrubs, perennial & flower beds, site drainage, landscape lighting, waterfalls & fountains, fencing, outdoor steps, landscape irrigation, master plan development, etc.. We also engage outside third party professional experts and consultants when required. We will always let you know beforehand if we think outside services will be required prior to enrolling third party services.

Is there a size project that is too small for you to undertake?

No, not really as we bill hourly for our services. We should be able to determine during the initial phone conversation if your design interest warrants our involvement. There is no charge for the initial phone conversation or site meeting.

What is the benefit of hiring a professional landscape designer?

There are a lot of good reasons to consider hiring a professional designer, some of which include: figuring out the best use and development of your landscape based on your desire and preferences before work commences, expert guidance by someone who is experienced and creative, minimize mistakes before and while work is in progress, getting more accurate construction and installation cost estimates, etc..

How long does it take for a design to be completed?

The length of time to complete a design project varies greatly and largely depends on how extensive the design scope is, our backlog of work, how quickly the client makes decisions, and the extent of design changes during the design development process. Our best advice is if possible, to not put off for springtime what can be done in the summer or fall of the prior year. This provides everyone the necessary time to properly develop the design, and plan and schedule the installation work.

What makes your services stand out above others providing similar services?

Jan Johnsen has been practicing her craft for many years and brings a wide breath and depth of experience and creativity, which is strongly influenced by her knowledge of fine art and travel experience. She also brings her unique lightness and charm to the design process, which makes her a pleasure to work with.

Rafael Algarin has been managing and overseeing construction projects of all sizes and types for many years and so, brings a comprehensive body of knowledge and experience, as well as a keen eye for details and balanced judgement.

Do you take on clients outside of your immediate area?

Most of our projects are located within the States of New York (including Westchester, Putnam, Nassau, Suffolk, Dutchess, Ulster, Putnam, Brooklyn Counties) and Connecticut (including Fairfield, Litchfield Counties), but we also have done projects in Massachusetts, Georgia, Florida and California (Malibu). We are also available to service clients throughout other areas of the continental USA, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and other parts of the world.