Property & Landscape Care Services

Our Property & Landscape Care Service is designed to be a customized and comprehensive array of caretaker-like services to ensure a hassle-free enjoyment of your property. It places at your fingertips a single source responsible for the many routine services required to keep your home & grounds running smoothly while looking their best. Usually the required scheduled services are provided for a flat fee billed monthly over a twelve month period.

Our services are provided via a combination of in-house as well as outside skilled professional tradesmen with whom we have developed trusted relationships. Our integrated approach ensures exceptional outcomes and value, all delivered seamlessly and hassle-free.

Our services include, but are not limited to: scheduled comprehensive landscape maintenance • ornamental shrub, lawn & tree care • outdoor furniture cleaning & stowing • regular swimming pool maintenance • landscape irrigation maintenance • snow removal • outdoor surface cleaning • as needed property monitoring and management.

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