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The Next Wave

Written by Bill Cary
Home & Design (The Journal News) - Summer 2006

As you make your way down along the grassy path from the 1930s hilltop house on Lounsbury Road in Croton-on-Hudson to the secluded pool area that sits just below the apple orchard, a hint of sun warms the back of your neck just before you settle into one of the large wooden chairs at the edge of the pool.

The ornamental grasses behind you sway gently as a river breeze catches the seed heads, sending them bobbing in the brightening morning light. The shadow of the great oak that stands between you and the Hudson begins to stretch out across the hillside and the gauzy morning haze over the river seems to be lifting, bringing with it the promise of another great day poolside.

"When people put in a pool, their entire use of their property changes," says landscape designer Jan Johnsen, the designer who transformed this rocky ledge into an oasis for a Croton family of four. "You'll be out here in the early morning and then later in the evening."

"Your garden changes, too," says Johnsen, who also lives in Croton. "It becomes much more immediate, much more intimate - you're living inside your garden now."

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